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Congrats to Tony and Gaga on “Cheek To Cheek” debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. 

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October 1st, 2014: Leaving her hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

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@ladygagaCelebrating our Billboard #1 Top 200, #1 Jazz and #1 Traditional Jazz Albums in the US! Sending Tony love across the seas. And to the fans, it’s hard to even find words. I’ll put it in a song.

@ladygagaSo happy today, it’s like dream. Somebody pinch me, but don’t wake me. Heaven, I’m in heaven

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Lady Gaga in Stockholm. (10.01)

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Gaga and Tony for Billboard Magazine.

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Leaving Her Hotel In Stockholm, Sweden
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Im sorry you’re going through pain. I know how difficult that can be, many of my friends have gone through it and monsters have also shared their stories. Stay calm in your heart, and know you are perfect the way you are. Give those around you time to adjust, and forgive them for being ignorant. It is wrong to bully period, and very wrong to bully someone for being ‘born this way.’ Be proud of who you are, stand up for yourself, and like Bruno said in his post, take up some physical activity to let out your aggressions. Running fast, boxing was a great suggestion (I do that too!) You are handsome and free and shouldn’t let anyone bring you down. Fuck em’, You’re u and you have a lot of love and respect here. Be brave my darling, you already have it in you. #BullyingSupport -love gagaloo

— Lady Gaga helping fans online (via mariamongiardo)